high-impact learning for managers and leaders

In today's competitive business environment, human capital provides a true sustainable competitive advantage. Indeed, investing in your people increases their individual, as well as your organization’s collective capabilities and competitiveness.
Our programs will provide you with the knowledge that is directly applied to the challenges faced by organisations. LSB gives you the opportunity to learn from real business leaders and opportunity to gain knowledge that will result in gaining a competitive advantage.

LSB faculty is highly international and is associated with some of the top-ranking universities and business schools in the world.

upcoming programs:

Leadership Programs for the C-Suite

The following programs are designed for senior executives, and are a part of the "Executive Leadership Certificate". Candidates who successfully complete all four programs can obtain a certificate by the Luxembourg School of Business.

Inspirational Leadership
  • Starts on: 
    22 September, 2016
  • 1-day Workshop
  • Leadership / Management
Leading High-Performing Innovative Organizations
  • Starts on: 
    07 October, 2016
  • 1-day Workshop
  • Leadership / Innovation
Executive Leadership
  • Starts on: 
    04 November, 2016
  • 1-day
  • Leadership

Management Development Programs

The following programs cover a wide area of topics and interests. These programs are designed for individuals looking to learn more about a specific topic and build on their existing competencies.

Strategic Innovation & Design-Thinking
  • Starts on: 
    03 October, 2016
  • 2-day Workshop
  • Innovation / Leadership / Operations
Negotiating For Success
  • Starts on: 
    06 October, 2016
  • 2-day Workshop
  • Management
Effective Decision-Making
  • Starts on: 
    20 October, 2016
  • 2-day Workshop
  • Management / Operations